Inmersive Virtual Tours 360º ‘immersive‘ photography enables a scene to be captured and interacted with online. Because it can be viewed in 360º, visitors control what they see for themselves, resulting in a more independent experience than that offered by traditional, still photos.

Fast Virtual Tour A virtual tour is a rapid means of displaying all corners of a space, without the need for lengthy descriptions. It gains people’s trust through its transparency, communicating your message directly and sincerely.

ICON_GRAPH_V4 Taking a virtual tour is an enjoyable experience, proven to drive traffic to your website. It is playful by nature, but also as informative as any real tour with a guide. Extra information can be added to interactive points, which can also be used to include video, sound and still images. Large tours can even be navigated via a map or floor plan.

Mobile Virtual Tours The latest smartphone and tablet technology facilitates the search for information anywhere whilst on the move. By offering a virtual tour compatible with all mobile devices (from Apple to Android), it is possible to increase accessibility by removing unnecessary barriers, strengthening communication in new and exciting ways.

Training Virtual ToursInteractive imagery is ideal for enriching online training courses, enabling learners to interact with a virtual space before entering a physical one. This improves safety and can reduce the need for costly on-site training sessions. Course content can be overlaid seamlessly, including dynamic activities such as drag and drop exercises. Full Moodle integration is also possible.